The Christian Church of Los Alamos

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Los Alamos Christian Church

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9:15 AM

Bible Classes of All Ages

10:15 AM

Donut & Coffee Welcome

10:30 AM

Morning Worship Celebration

6:00 PM

Youth Group (Mid & Sr. High)

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@ El Porvenir Christian Camp

Solomon said, “There is an appointed time for everything.” Then he listed off a myriad of things folks typically spend their time doing - like planting and harvesting and loving.

     Of course, few would agree with him today for most people feel that there is not enough time, and things, even important things, get left undone.

     But perhaps, if we contemplate what Solomon actually said, we might agree with him after all. He didn’t say “time” but “appointed time.” An appointed time implies that there is a plan, and that this plan will unfold.

     Jesus’ plan to save the world unfolds in the pages of Luke’s gospel. There was an appointed time for everything that needed to transpire that we might recognize Jesus as the one who was sent to save not only us, but the whole world.  Join us as we learn to live better by examining these appointed times.


Sept 16-18   -   60th Anniversary Celebration

Oct. 13-16   -   Ladies Craft Retreat

Go for the Gold!

The competition is over, athletes are headed back to their regular jobs, and we’re celebrating “What next?” by holding the “Office Chair Olympics.” Invite a friend and join us at 6:00 PM.

Hattian Christian Mission

Update Luncheon

Sunday, Sept. 18


Our mission team who installed a unit to provide clean water to the HCM compound will share their experience, express their thanks for your support, and present the next step in helping HCM.

The Mission Ministry will provide pulled pork BBQ Sandwiches and Hattian Style rice & beans. If you plan to attend, please bring a salad or desserts.

    You can discover more about HCM at their website:

ALOHA SUNDAY - Sept. 26th


WORSHIP - We come from different cultures and backgrounds, but we worship the same Lord. On this special Sunday “The Instruments of Praise” Hula Ministry Team will join us at the Christian Church (92 East Road) in worshiping the Lord. They will praise the Lord through a beautiful, traditional Polynesian dance as we praise our Lord together in song. Feel free to dress “Hawaiian.”


LUNCH - Mike and Michelle Irish will host a fund-raiser luncheon after worship to help this Hula Ministry Team travel to Oregon to minister. Menu: Teriyaki chicken, Teriyaki SPAM, rice and dessert.

Sept 26th

10:30 AM