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Glorifying God and sharing the Gospel of Christ with our world while living gratefully for Him


These pages introduce new mission and vision statements for the Christian Church of Los Alamos. Use the buttons below to navigate through the various pages.

New Statements


The new statements consist of …
         a motto, a mission statement and a vision statement.

Together they form a hierarchy …



Simply Christian    (Our motto expresses who we are — followers of Christ)



Glorifying God and sharing the Gospel of Christ with "our world" while living gratefully for Him.    (Our mission expresses our purpose.)

"Our world": The intent in using quotation marks around the phrase was to underscore a special meaning of those words — not in the normal "whole wide world" sense, because the idea of us impacting the "whole wide world" may seem daunting, too blue sky and unrealistic. But we need to be mindful that each of us has our own little corner of the world — our sphere of influence — and it's that world with which we each have a personal responsibility to share the One who has given joy, meaning and purpose to our lives.



United in our desire to worship God in spirit and truth, we seek to boldly advance His Kingdom by equipping His people with the knowledge of His word; that we may be His winsome witnesses to our hurting world, tenderly sharing the hope, the purpose, and the peace that is found only in His grace as revealed in the cross of Christ.   (Our vision expresses what we do.)

Some might feel the vision statement is a bit wordy and tedious. While it is certainly not our intent that it be ponderous, one of our objectives is that the vision statement be inclusive enough to help us evaluate all that our church is doing in the light of the scriptures which form its foundation. We have ten Ministry Areas: Benevolence, Children, Community, Discipleship, Evangelism, Facilities, Missions, Stewardship, Worship, and Youth. As we seek to assess current programs and plan new programs that are needed, it is our hope that the vision statement will help us to stay on track—a track established by the path laid out in scripture. To help us determine what we do, our goal is that our vision statement includes the essence of all that we feel God is calling us to focus on.

What is a "winsome witness"?

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