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2012 sermon files available for download

The right-hand three columns of the table below show availability of sermon files for 2012. Additional listings of sermons include:

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2012 Scripture Sermon Series Sermon Title Devo- tion Manu- script Audio File
01-01-12 Acts 2:36-41New BeginningsA NB For a New Year docx docx mp3
01-08-12 Acts 8:9-25New BeginningsThe Samaritan Sorcerer docx ---mp3
01-15-12 Acts 8:26-40New BeginningsThe Ethiopian Treasurer ---docx mp3
01-22-12 Acts 9:1-19New BeginningsThe Jewish Enforcer docx docx mp3
01-29-12 Acts 10:1-48New BeginningsThe Roman Centurion docx docx mp3
02-05-12 Mt 4:1-4RED Letter LivingNot By Bread Alone docx docx mp3
02-12-12 Mt 4:12-17RED Letter LivingRepent! docx docx mp3
02-19-12 Mt 4:18-22RED Letter LivingFollow Me docx docx ---
02-26-12 Mt 16:5-12No ExcusesJesus' Words are Confusing docx docx mp3
03-04-12 Mt 16:13-19No ExcusesJesus' Identity Isn't Clear docx docx mp3
03-11-12 DCCChoirConcert ---------
03-18-12 Mt 16:21-23No ExcusesJesus' Way Is Too Risky docx docx ---
03-25-12 VariousWhat Really Happened?On the Other Days of Passion Week docx docx ---
04-01-12 Mt 21:1-17What Really Happened?Palm Sunday docx docx ---
04-08-12 Mt 28:1-15What Really Happened?On the First Easter docx docx ---
04-15-12 Mt 5:1-9The Good LifeIn the Pursuit of Happiness docx docx ---
04-22-12 Mt 5:10-11The Good LifeWhen It Rains on Your Parade docx docx ---
04-29-12 Mt 5:12-16The Good LifeYou are.. Salt & Light ---------
05-06-12 Mt 5:17-19The Good LifeObeying the Law docx docx ---
05-13-12 Mt 12:46-50The Good LifeAre You My Mother? ---------
05-20-12 Mt 5:20-26A Better WayAnger Management 101 docx docx ---
05-27-12 Mt 5:27-30A Better WayThe Cost of Faithfulness ---docx ---
06-03-12 Mt 5:31-37A Better WayIntegrity docx docx mp3
06-10-12 Mt 5:38-42A Better WayGrace docx docx ---
06-17-12 Mt 5:43-48A Better WayPerfect Love ---------
06-24-12 Mt 6:1-4Are You Spiritually Fit?Pride docx docx ---
07-01-12 Mt 6:5-15Are You Spiritually Fit?Prayer docx ---mp3
07-08-12 Mt 6:16-18Are You Spiritually Fit?Fasting ---docx mp3
07-15-12 Mt 6:19-24Are You Spiritually Fit?Money Matters ------mp3
07-22-12 Mt 6:25-34Are You Spiritually Fit?Faith vs. Anxiety docx docx mp3
07-29-12 Mt 7:1-6Life LessonsHypocrisy docx docx ---
08-05-12 Mt 7:7-11Life LessonsAsking for Good Things docx docx mp3
08-12-12 Mt 7:12Life LessonsThe Golden Rule docx docx mp3
08-19-12 Mt 7:13-14Life LessonsFew Find the Way docx docx mp3
08-26-12 Mt 7:15-20Back to the BasicsHow to Tell if a Teacher is Good docx docx mp3
09-02-12 Mt 7:21-23Back to the BasicsEveryone is NOT Making the Grade docx docx mp3
09-09-12 Mt 7:24-27Back to the BasicsPutting it into Practice docx docx ---
09-16-12 Mt 21:28-32Rejection ResultsParable of Two Sons docx docx mp3
09-23-12 Mt 21:22-46Rejection ResultsParable of the Landowner docx docx mp3
09-30-12 Mt 22:1-14Rejection ResultsParable of the Marriage Feast docx docx ---
10-07-12 Mt 22:15-22Conflict ManagementShould I Tithe or Pay Taxes? docx ---mp3
10-14-12 Mt 22:23-33Conflict ManagementHeaven Doesn't Make Sense docx ---mp3
10-21-12 Mt 22:34-40Conflict ManagementWhat Commands are Most Important? docx ---mp3
10-28-12 Mt 24:36-44Judgement DayThe Hour Not Known docx ------
11-04-12 Mt 24:45-51Judgement DayFaithfulness Found docx ------
11-11-12 Mt 25:1-13Judgement DayPatience Tested ---docx ---
11-18-12 Mt 25:14-30Judgement DayTalents Invested ---docx ---
11-25-12 Mt 25:31-46Judgement DayCharity Enacted docx docx ---
12-02-12 Mt 1:1-17Christmas Brings Us TogetherWhere I Come From... docx docx ---
12-09-12 Mt 1:18-19Christmas Brings Us TogetherMaking Everything Look Good docx docx ---
12-16-12 Mt 1:20-23Christmas Brings Us TogetherGod's Truth Changes Everything docx docx ---
12-23-12 Mt 1:24-25Christmas Brings Us TogetherFaithful Obedience docx docx ---
12-30-12 Mt 2:1-12Christmas Brings Us Together.Worship the New Born King ---------

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