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2013 sermon files available for download

The right-hand three columns of the table below show availability of sermon files for 2013. Additional listings of sermons include:

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2013 Scripture Sermon Series Sermon Title Devo- tion Manu- script Audio File
01-06-13 Phil. 1:1-2We are not aloneGreet One Another docx docx mp3
01-13-13 Phil. 1:3-8Give Thanks for One Another docx docx ---
01-20-13 Phil. 1:9-11Love One Another docx docx mp3
01-27-13 Phil. 1:12-14Focused on ChristPreaching Christ without Fear docx docx mp3
02-03-13 Phil. 1:15-18Preaching Christ from Ambition docx docx mp3
02-10-13 Phil. 1:19-20Exalting Christ docx docx ---
02-17-13 Phil. 1:21-26Living for Christ ------mp3
02-24-13 Phil. 1:27-30Worthy of Christ docx docx mp3
03-03-13 Adam to MosesThe BibleJourney from Death to Life docx ---mp3
03-10-13 Joshua to Solomon Journey from Slavery to Freedom docx docx mp3
03-17-13 Zedekiah to Peter Journey from Victim to Victor docx docx mp3
03-24-13 Pharisees to Peter's Denial Journey from Religion to Relationship docx ---mp3
03-31-13 Nicodemus to Revelation Journey from Darknesss to Light docx ---mp3
04-07-13 Phil. 2:1-4A Change of AttitudeLike Minded docx ---mp3
04-14-13 Matt. 4:18-20"Mark Anderson, Disciple Scotland"Make Disciples ------mp3
04-21-13 Phil. 2:5-11A Change of AttitudeChrist Minded docx docx mp3
04-28-13 Phil. 2:12-14Salvation Minded docx docx mp3
05-05-13 Phil. 2:15-18Right Minded ------mp3
05-12-13 Phil. 2:19-24Help Is On The Way: Timothy docx docx mp3
05-19-13 Phil. 2:25-30Help Is On the Way: Epaphroditus docx docx mp3
05-26-13 Phil. 3:1-7Keeping it SimpleBeware those who boast docx ------
06-02-13 Phil. 3:8-11Only Faith in Christ Counts docx docx mp3
06-09-13 Phil. 3:12-16Reaching Forward docx docx mp3
06-16-13 Gospel for Asia Missionary Speaker docx ---mp3
06-23-13 Phil. 3:17-21Citizenship in Heaven docx docx mp3
06-30-13 Phil. 4:1-3The Abundant LifeLive in Harmony docx docx mp3
07-07-13 Phil. 4:4-7Live in Peace docx ---mp3
07-14-13 Phil. 4:8-9Live in Excellence docx ---mp3
07-21-13 Phil. 4:10-14Live Contentedly docx docx mp3
07-28-13 Phil. 4:15-19Live Generously docx docx mp3
08-04-13 Phil. 4:20-23Live Graciously docx docx mp3
08-11-13 Jonah 1The Reluctant ProphetRunning from God docx docx mp3
08-18-13 Jonah 2Praying to God docx docx mp3
08-25-13 Jonah 3Serving God docx docx mp3
09-01-13 Jonah 4Disappointed with God docx ---mp3
09-08-13 Exodus 20:1-17The TenPut God First docx docx mp3
09-15-13 Exodus 20:1-17Accept No Substitutes docx docx mp3
09-22-13 Exodus 20:1-17Respect God's Name docx docx mp3
09-29-13 Exodus 20:1-17Remember the Sabbath docx docx mp3
10-06-13 Exodus 20:1-17Honor Your Parents docx docx mp3
10-13-13 Exodus 20:1-17Celebrate Life docx docx mp3
10-20-13 Exodus 20:1-17Honor Your Vows docx docx mp3
10-27-13 Exodus 20:1-17Live with Integrity docx docx mp3
11-03-13 Exodus 20:1-17Tell the Truth docx docx mp3
11-10-13 Exodus 20:1-17Be Content docx docx ---
11-17-13 Col 3:12-15Give ThanksThankfulness in your Life ---docx ---
11-24-13 Col 3:16-17Thankfulness in your Heart ---docx mp3
12-01-13 Isaiah 9:1-7It Is Never Too Early to Hope for a Savior docx docx mp3
12-08-13 Luke 1:42-45 to Recognize the Savior docx docx mp3
12-15-13 Luke 1:67-80 to Prepare for the Savior docx docx ---
12-22-13 Luke 2:8-20 to Announce the Savior's Arrival docx docx mp3
12-29-13 Matt. 2:1-12It is Never Too Late to Seek the Savior docx docx mp3

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