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2016 sermon files available for download

The right-hand three columns of the table below show availability of sermon files for 2016. Additional listings of sermons include:

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2016 Scripture Sermon Series Sermon Title Devo- tion Manu- script Audio File
01-03-16 Scott MiddletonAlba Missions docx ---mp3
01-10-16 Matt 6:10The Will of GodGod's Intentional Will docx docx mp3
01-17-16 Matt 26:38-39God's Circumstantial Will docx docx ---
01-24-16 Job 42:1-2God's Ultimate Will docx docx mp3
01-31-16 Acts 18:19-21Discerning God's Will docx docx mp3
02-07-16 Acts 18:19-21Discerning God's Will docx docx ---
02-14-16 Luke 6:27-35The Rules of GodLove docx docx mp3
02-21-16 Luke 6:36-42Mercy docx docx mp3
02-28-16 Luke 6:43-49Integrity docx docx mp3
03-06-16 Luke 7:1-16Faith docx docx mp3
03-13-16 Luke 7:17-28Humility docx docx mp3
03-20-16 Luke 19:28-40The Gospel of GodPraised as the Messiah docx docx mp3
03-25-16 Luke 22:66-23:55Crucified as a Blasphemer ---------
03-27-16 Luke 24:1-12Raised as our Redeemer docx docx mp3
04-03-16 Luke 24:13-32Walked to Emmaus docx ---mp3
04-10-16 Luke 24:33-43Ate with His Disciples docx docx mp3
04-17-16 Luke 24:44-48Commissioned His Apostles docx docx mp3
04-24-16 Luke 10:30-37Life LessonsParable of the Good Samaritan docx docx mp3
05-01-16 Luke 8:4-15Life LessonsParable of the Sower docx docx mp3
05-08-16 Luke 8:16-21Life LessonsParable of the Lamp docx docx mp3
05-15-16 Luke 15:1-7Life LessonsParable of the Lost Sheep docx docx mp3
05-22-16 Errol SteppFaith PromiseMissions docx ------
05-29-16 Luke 15:8-10Life LessonsParable of the Lost Coin docx docx mp3
06-05-16 Luke 15:11-24Life LessonsParable of the Lost Son docx docx mp3
06-12-16 Luke 15:25-32Life LessonsParable of the Unforgiving Son docx docx mp3
06-19-16 Luke 4:1-13Stand StrongAgainst Satan docx docx mp3
06-26-16 Luke 24:13-35Dennis WilhoitRoad to Emmaus docx ---mp3
07-03-16 Luke 4:31-37Stand StrongAgainst Demons docx docx mp3
07-10-16 Luke 4:38-44Stand StrongAgainst Popularity docx docx mp3
07-17-16 Luke 5:1-11A Time for EverythingA Time to Fish docx docx mp3
07-24-16 Luke 5:12-16A Time for EverythingA Time to Pray docx docx mp3
07-31-16 Luke 5:17-26A Time for EverythingA Time to Forgive ------mp3
08-07-16 Luke 5:27-39A Time for EverythingA Time to Party docx ---mp3
08-14-16 Luke 6:1-11A Time for EverythingA Time to Teach docx docx mp3
08-21-16 Luke 6:12-19A Time for EverythingA Time to Appoint docx docx mp3
08-28-16 Luke 6:20-26A Time for EverythingA Time to Bless docx docx mp3
09-04-16 Luke 8:26-39Who Am I?Tell Every One docx docx mp3
09-11-16 Luke 8:40-56Who Am I?Tell No One docx docx mp3
09-18-16 Luke 9:1-17Who Am I?A Seeker's Dilemma docx docx mp3
09-25-16 Luke 9:18-27Who Am I?The Unsettling Truth docx docx mp3
10-02-16 Luke 9:28-36Who Am I?The Truth Revealed by God docx docx mp3
10-09-16 Luke 9:37-45Who Am I?The Truth Revealed by Jesus docx docx mp3
10-16-16 Luke 9:46-56Who Am I?You Still Don't Understand docx docx mp3
10-23-16 Luke 11:1-13The Lord TeachesAbout Prayer docx docx mp3
10-30-16 Luke 11:14-28The Lord TeachesAbout Spiritual Warfare docx docx mp3
11-06-16 Luke 11:29-36The Lord TeachesAbout Seeking Signs ------mp3
11-13-16 Luke 12:1-12The Lord TeachesAbout Our Motives docx docx ---
11-20-16 Luke 12:13-34The Lord TeachesAbout Our Fears docx docx mp3
11-27-16 Luke 1:1-25The Exact TruthGabriel Visits Zacharias docx docx mp3
12-04-16 Luke 1:26-38The Exact TruthGabriel Visits Mary docx ------
12-11-16 Luke 1:39-66The Exact TruthMary Visits Elizabeth docx ------
12-18-16 Luke 1:67-80The Exact TruthJohn's Birth docx ------
12-25-16 Luke 2:1-20The Exact TruthJesus' Birth docx ------
2017 Scripture Sermon Series Sermon Title Devo- tion Manu- script Audio File
01-01-17 Luke 2:21-38The Exact TruthConfirmation at the Temple docx docx mp3

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